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Birthdate:Mar 12
I am a Christian (Presbyterian), happily married, extremely shy/introverted, 34, and a failed/recovering academic currently working in a library homemaking full-time while figuring out "what's next." I'm originally from the outskirts of Pittsburgh (think more West Virginia than East Coast); since graduating from high school I've lived in Virginia, Connecticut, California, and now the Midwest. My husband and I enjoy our sweet, goofy Basset Hound named Basil. A lot is uncertain right now, but my hopes for the coming years are that my family will grow and that I will find opportunities to put my years of study to faithful use.

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I started my LJ in February, 2001. Although my posting habits have changed (perhaps mercifully!) since my late teens, I still love it here, check my friends page daily, and give careful thought to what and with whom I share. I don't add new friends frequently, but I am open to considering them (especially now that I'm shifting to DW) -- feel free to drop me a private message/email if you'd like.

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